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Federico is a professional photographer with over 12 years of experience. He started out in fashion, editorial style photography in Melbourne, Australia. His works have included helping models  develop their portfolios. This continued when he moved to Los Angeles. He has since added landscape and wedding photography about 4 years ago, when he lived in Houston, Texas. His work has been featured in magazines, and has earned picture of the day with National Geographic. He has a passion for photography, and is rarely seen without one of his Nikon cameras.



Kemmy has come to relish her role as the second shooter for her husband. She started out as a pharmacist in Boston. She met her husband in Los Angeles. She works as a freelance writer and Logo designer, and enjoys being a blogger.

Currently, they are based in Spain, but enjoy destination wedding photography, especially traditional ones. They use all Nikon professional gear. Together, they will make your day extremely special.

Contact Federico at 692 942 092 send an email vis our contact page here: https://purefocusphoto.com/contact